Nov 26, 2010

Craze's Stopover and Return of the PC

Mysteriously, when I got back from the east coast earlier this week, I turned on my PC and it connected to the internet for the first time in months. Hooooo! Although the netbook performed admirably as an alternative, I continuously missed the speed of this beast. Thank you Wrongway [my computer's name] for getting with the program and finding your way back to cyberspace.

Why did I name it Wrongway? Well, when Bucky [previous computer] committed suicide by setting itself on fire, Husband ordered me a new computer that was supposed to ship overnight. It ended up in Ohio then Oklahoma then Seattle before getting to Oregon. ??? Thus, I dubbed it Wrongway. Plus, it came with Vista on it, which was all wrong. I made Husband wipe it within 10 minutes and install XP. I'm glad Windows 7 does not have the diva problems Vista did. Although, I've found other features of XP missing from 7 that I missed. And vice versa. I guess I can have the best of both worlds by leaving the beast XP and the netbook Windows 7.

Onto more creative topics ....

Retta Cat made a beautiful original art piece for me several weeks ago for my short story, Stopover at the Backworlds' Edge.

Craze, Meelo and the Waterbreather on Pardeep Station.

Isn't it purty? I love it so much, I hung it on my wall of inspiration above my computer.

Then my video genius, Kimberly Nicole, used it in another fantastic story trailer. You can see more of her work here:

There are new articles up on my website, too, under:

Discovery, Kepler's Search for Habitable Planets

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The Scoop, Literary Aha

Stop by. Vote for which planet you'd like to visit and add to the discussion, too, while you're there.

Have anything you'd like to share / crow about? Feel free to leave your link in the comments. :) Enjoy the weekend. We're supposed to get above freezing here at last. I'm very excited about it.