Nov 23, 2010

High Flying Wi Fi to the Arctic

I am writing this on my flight from Newark to Salt Lake City. From there I supposedly catch my flight to Central Oregon. Weather reports there are not good, so I'm not sure whether I will make it home or not. Seems I picked the worst day to travel on. Although in the airport, the TV's claimed they start the patdowns at security check in tomorrow. So, I'm glad I missed that. Who wouldn't be? Maybe if one is horny it's a fun addition to the flying experience, but I'm thinking most folks are thinking 'not so much'. Thank you underwear bomber dude for this bit of holiday cheer.

Now it's frozen Tuesday. Currently 19 in Bend..
So, I made my short connection in Salt Lake City. I had never been there before. What a beautiful city. Wish it was lighter out so I could see more of it. It was ringed by these white behemoths. Really nice eye candy.

We had a rough landing in Redmond, which resulted in us all clapping wildly for the pilot's skill when we came to a stop. The descent was very choppy. I don't like landings anyway, so I was not liking this one at all in the snow and ice. But we made it.

They asked people to get off the flight at Salt Lake so we could be diverted to Eugene if necessary - a fuel thing. I'm very glad we weren't diverted to Eugene. Who knows when I'd get home from there then. Wasn't going to ask Husband to drive over the Cascades in that winter storm. It was bad enough at our elevation. Winter is all about elevation in these parts.

It was wonderful to see Husband after two weeks and my kitty girls. They're happy I'm home. But I'm also glad that this writing career afforded me the flexibility to be where I was needed.

I didn't really get any writing done. I wrote some snippets on my flight out to Newark, but nothing since.

I had to go out in the frigid wasteland to pick up the fresh, organic turkey from Whole Foods I ordered online last week. Luckily it's just straight down the road a few blocks. There's a Safeway there, too. So, I provisioned us up. It can snow and bluster all it wants now. We're good. The cats are good. Although, I forgot to check the TP supplies.

It was 65 degrees when I left New Jersey on Tuesday.
This is a shot of Central Park in NYC I took
on Saturday. There are pics from the Met coming.

It was in the 20's when I landed in Redmond
last night. The snow is not real deep. It's not
the problem, it's the icy roads. We'll be
hitting below zero tonight. Brrrrr!
There is a surreal beauty in winter when
the sun hits the snowy trees just
right. Glad I don't have to go out again despite
forgetting something on my list. I'll make do.

This beauty is not fun to drive in, however.

Moon study. My internal clock is all screwed up. I totally adjusted to East coast time. I got in late Pacific time last night, but had trouble sleeping. I was still traveling and composing grocery lists. So, I was up early despite my restless night. The moon hung bright in the breaking day, so I snapped some pics. It's been awhile since I've posted moon pics.

Almost full moon among the snowy trees at daybreak.
A closer view.

As long as I'm inside, I don't feel the cold. All of you in the Oregon Arctic, stay warm and safe. Those of you elsewhere enjoying balmier weather, don't tell me about it.

It was great to hear what you've all been up to the other day. I will now go peruse blogs in an attempt to catch up.

Happy Thanksgiving to the American crowd. I'll be cooking all day tomorrow.