Mar 2, 2011

Hunting 51, Rocky.

Anacondas: Hunt for the Blood Orchid

Syfy featured this movie two weeks ago. Ryan from V and the doctor lady from Eureka are in it. Lots of people get munched by giant snakes [I think Syfy has a thing for big snakes. They air a lot of giant snake movies.] There was a fair amount of camp, which I enjoy. It was actually pretty good. Acting was better than usual. Bonus, lots of pretty men to look at.

Area 51

Last weekend, Area 51 was opened to the press for public viewing. Bruce Boxleitner gave the grand tour. Then things went very badly. The aliens got out. Graphic gore was in this movie. Lots of blood and chunks. There was really no camp in it at all, but it was a decent watch. I liked their concept for Patient Zero and I always appreciate a chic kicking ass. Seemed a little better than the usual Saturday night movie. I missed the camp, though. It's my thing.

[click on the photo for a larger view]
She says: That woman over there is wearing my outfit!

How would you caption this picture?

Screen capture curtesty of Rocky Jones: Space Ranger.
My favorite quote from Rocky: Winky says: Me likey you moon.
I think his name was Winky. I might be wrong.

Rocky and Winky flying through the galaxy. Can you come up with a worse character name than Winky? Maybe it was a 50's thing.