Jul 9, 2012

Moon Girl and Rock Castles

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Julie Flanders interviewed me for The Examiner. Read all about it HERE. Congrats to Julie on her new gig, and thanks for thinking of featuring little ol' me.

Did you all have a great last week? My cat is all better and I'm better now, too. Finished editing Stopover and formatted it, too. Now I'm madly scribbling away at The Renaissance of Hetty Locklear to meet my August 13th deadline with my editor. So, I was productive. Also took some time out to have some fun.

July 4th the Husband Unit and I took a drive over to Fossil, OR. Lots of backroads with spectacular scenery. Found a rock castle ...

Dug some fossils up, got a sunburn, checked out this funky little grocery and mercantile.

The observatory didn't happen for me for two weeks with a sick cat, then a sick me. The weather was crappy, so it didn't really matter. I didn't miss anything. This past weekend was great. It finally heated up here, so it was warm. The only drawback was the moon rising shortly after the sky went dark both nights.

Viewed Mercury, Mars, Saturn along with the globular clusters, open clusters, stars and nebulae. Good groups both nights. Not too big and interested people. Made new friends.

My best shots of the weekend:

Moon Friday night.

 Saturn through the 24"

Moon Saturday night.

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I leave you with a gangsta cow:

So tell me, what have you been up to?