Mar 29, 2010

Mpaxauthorland Stardate 29.03.10

Novel#2 keeps moving along. I finished up the action sequence today I hoped to have done by yesterday. I roughly started the chase scene [that needs some mulling over for inspiration]. There's a confrontation yet to go, the tying up of whatever loose ends remain and then the end. So not much to go. It is possible I could finish this thing this week.

Part of me is really going to miss it. My lead is a blast to write for. Part of me wants it done already, so I can move on to what else needs doing.

I got drafts of my synopses done and e-mailed out. A fellow Guild member, Paty Jager, will be giving me feedback on them. She's conducting the workshop on the 10th.

If I want to filter my half-written flash fiction past my critique group before the next Second Sunday, I have a deadline to get that done by this coming Saturday. So, I will switch to giving that priority on Thursday. It might delay finishing the novel by a few days, but that's OK. The novel will definitely be done by the end of next week. The first draft.

Then it's onto getting at the spit and polish of novel#1. It's the story I will be taking to the workshop on the 10th. So, I should look at polishing up the prologue & chapters 1-3 for that. Then I read it cover to cover, map it out and then begin ripping it apart and knitting it back together. While doing that, I will finish up the edits for "Semper Audacia" and finish writing another short story.

After that, I repeat for novel#2.

After that, novel#3 begins.

That's the plan. For now.