Mar 23, 2010

Sci Fi on TV

Last week, ABC premiered, Flash Forward. Did any of you see it? What'd you think?

Husband and I watched. The story thread with Dominic Monaghan was gritty and I thought the most promising. Definitely the most interesting story thread.

I didn't think it needed two hours. Could have done with one. The idea of the blackout is interesting, but instead of talking about it I'd like to be shown what it was like. They should have started with that. It would have succored me in more than the flashbacks. Would have been fresher and more creative I think to put me inside the blackout than keep me on the outside.

We'll see how it goes. It didn't wow me as much as the beginning of Lost, but it might turn out all right. They should get other story lines of the caliber of the physicists. The other storylines are not as fresh. At least, not so far.

I'm still disappointed by the lack of man-eating reptiles in Lost, but I realize that's just a personal preference. I think almost any show or movie could be good if they added in a man-eating reptile or two. Just think about it next time you're watching something ho-hum. It would certainly spice things up, wouldn't it?

This week is the season finale of Caprica on SyFy. I'm still trying to get used to the new spelling of their logo.

I liked the start of Caprica. I don't see how it can last much longer though. The storylines are already starting to drag, and one of the problems with prequels is that it's hard to surprise us. And, what's with all the smoking? Are we trying to kill the actors? I often find it distracting as I'm thinking, ewww. I think it's too Earth-centric. Seems the characters have enough foibles without it.

It's just my opinion, though. What's yours?