Mar 14, 2010


I did not intentionally link green to my reading on March 14, but on some level I managed a celebration of St. Patrick's day.

I wore a green shirt. Then I realized my story was green. "Plantgirl". Funny ironic how that played out. Supposedly, this new blogger posting thingy should post the link I typed in. We'll see. Computers and I don't always get along, so my brother [website genius] is learning lately. At any rate, the story is up as a 'freebie' on my website. You can click on the icon to the right if the direct link to the story doesn't show up. Take a moment to answer the poll and participate in the discussion on the homepage, if you're so inclined. Official opening of the website will be very, very soon. :D

OK, if you click on the header to this article "Plantgirl" it will take you directly to the story on the website. Ahh. So, that's how that works.

It was my second reading at Second Sunday at the Bend Public Library. It was my third reading overall. One of my Guild buddies showed up, which was really nice. Thank you, Anita! Support is always greatly appreciated in this gig, and hard to come by. I am not a dentist. Plus, my stories are pretty good and I read pretty well.

I was a lot less nervous this time, but still nervous. Husband did a lousy job of video recording. He didn't. So, I made him take some video afterwards as I need some sort of record.

The 'Author of Honor', was great. After I get his permission, I'll blog about it later this week. Seems this new blog was a better idea than I thought. I can see I'm really going to get into this. Thank you wholeheartedly to all of those who came over from the other. Glad you realize I am not a dentist. The support makes me all teary. Ok, smiley.

Novel#2 creeps closer to done. I am going to give it some serious attention over the next few weeks and try to get that done before this month closes out. Five chapters to go. Wooot!

Short story#5 now has a title again, "Semper Audacia". It's a wrap after I get some feedback from my critics. Then that will start going out for its share of rejection-love. Rewrote the copy for its trailer as the title is different and the entire second half of the story is different than it was.

The website is getting real close to done. Ideally, I would love an interior shot of a spaceship for the homepage. The thing is, it can't be too busy as there's already a lot going on. Any way, if you run across any stockarts or such that I can license/purchase of the interior of a space ship or space station or the like, let me know. Until I find the perfect thing, I think the homepage will remain as it is. We found a great metal texture for the columns on the other pages which I love and I love the rivets we made. Maybe I'll end up making my own homepage one of these days. We'll see how that goes.

Other than that, an addition to my 'works' section needs to be made and a few little tweaks, and we're done.

I handed out one of my new snazzy business cards today. They're very sci-fi looking. Next batch, I'll have to add this blog to it. :)