May 7, 2010

Live and in Person

Moi! This Sunday, 2:00 p.m. Bend Public Library. Mary Sojourner and Charles Finn are the guest authors. I will be reading at open mic after they present.

I think the program Sunday is dedicated to poetry. If so, I will be reading my poem, 'DreamPlay'. You can read and/or watch it at

If not, I will be reading the short story, 'Small Graces'. If I read it, I will post it up on my website next week as a free read.

Will let you know next week how it goes. My stomach is all in knots. I think I'm still hyped up from registering for Willamette Writers earlier this week and committing to meeting four agents/editors face-to-face to pitch my first novel. My palms have been clammy ever since. I've done nothing but edit since. I have to finish. I have to. I'm nervous and excited all mixed up.

Have had 2 bouts of insomnia this week. #1 because I'm not ready for August and my pitches yet. #2 last night because I have ideas for extending "Stopover" into a novella swimming in my head, novel#3 and an idea for a TV show. Why can't I think about this stuff during the day?