May 11, 2010

Small Graces

I could use some traffic on my website. I put up a new discussion question and poll. It will take you less than two minutes:  Only I get your e-mail address. You can put your name as anything you like. It would help me out a lot. :-D

So, I read live and in person on Sunday at the library. The program was prose, so I chose to read my story over poetry. Seems my fans down at the library now expect to hear one of my quirky, little stories. Guess I better be delivering that expectation. Good thing I was prepared.

Two of my friends showed up: Eric from the observatory and Dennis from my writing group. The group that sponsors Second Sundays is pleased I've begun bringing an entourage, too. That was a fluke really, but I was glad to have the moral support.

After all the rejection-love lately, it was nice to hear some applause for a change. It was great to hear all the positive feedback. My isle of positiveness in the sea of rejection. With that said, I get closer. I'm always addressed by name these days instead of 'Dear Writer'. Several asked me to send more. They don't just say that, so that means I'm getting closer - according to a writer friend who espoused the levels of rejection.

The dude reading after me said, "I have to follow that? Geees!" I'm not a great reader. I'm nervous. I have a soft voice. I get better. I put more soul into it. Husband says it's the stories that grab their attention. That's good. I'm really glad it's the subject matter grabbing the audience. As a writer, that's what I want.

Husband remembered to video me this time. So, I'm able to judge how I did. I need to spit my gum out before reading next time. LOL I looked up more. My nervous tics are minimal.

When the program and open mic were over, one of the leaders of the group that sponsors Second Sundays came over and told me to e-mail my story to the author that read a few months back. Apparently, he really likes my stuff and is a fan. How cool is that? I have fans.

Small Graces is up on my website as a free read. Click here to go there. Or, just go to  After joining in the discussion and casting your vote, click on 'M. Pax Works' you'll see "Small Graces" in the list of stories. Click on the title and the whole story will pop up.

Thanks as always, for your support. I appreciate it more than I can ever say. And, I will never forget all you wonderful people helping me out to reach my dream. Someday we'll all get together over something healthy and laugh about these days. Someday. Yeah, I'll buy lunch.

Peace out!