Jun 13, 2011

Coffee Travesty of the Third Kind

Writers and coffee go hand-in-hand. Sure, sometimes we feel bold and badass and go for tea. Needless to say, we have our habits. I roll out of bed, grab my cup of jo and go at my WIP.

A few weeks ago, at a late hour, our coffee grinder quit. Pffft. Making coffee is the husband unit's job. He just has more talent at it than I do. I suggested the food processor, the blender, a hammer ... desperate. He shook his head no. Damn! I told him to get his coat and get in the car. He says, "It's eleven at night. Where we going to get a coffee grinder?"

Me: Wal-Mart.

Normally I avoid the place. Something about the lighting unsettles me, but this was an EMERGENCY and they're open 24 hours. Phew! They had a coffee grinder and we got backup ground coffee for the next coffee crisis and were on our way. Turns out it's the best coffee grinder we've had yet. And we've been through at least three in the past three years. So a thumbs up to Wal-Mart for saving me from a potential tragic morning.

Then came crisis number two. Tragically, I dropped my Firefly mug when emptying the dishwasher last week. Everyday, every stinking day, I sipped my two mugs of java from it. My mug. I <3'd my mug. 'You can't take the sky from me.' What a great line. That gasp you heard last week which snapped your head up with a, "What's that," on your lips. Yeah, that was me. The gasp heard around the world.

Sniff. RIP Firefly coffee mug.

I began the hunt for a new one, getting nowhere. I make do with my Van Gogh, Starry Night mug. But it's not the same. Just not the same. The shape and thickness is all wrong. I want 'my' mug back. My special coffee vessel of sci-fi geekdom and beauty.

I sent a mournful email to the friend who gifted me the mug, saying I was unable to snuffle out a new one so far. She told me where she got it from, Cafepress, so forth I went with low expectations. I hadn't been able to find one so far, why would this search be different. But it was! Pages and pages of Firefly themed mugs. Happy dance.

So, now I have two replacements on the way ... in preparation for the next coffee crisis. I can't wait until they arrive.

So, can you guess my all-time favorite character?

Le sigh. I miss Jayne. I miss Firefly. I miss good space opera. Me thinks I'll be breaking out the Firefly dvds this week. And we still have 1/2 of season 5 of Babylon 5 to get through. Then the movies. After that we have Life on Mars and Odyssey 5. Sunday, Falling Skies, starts on TNT. You can bet I'll be watching. Curious to know more about it? You can watch the first five minutes HERE.

Have you experienced any coffee travesties? Did help arrive on time? Chewing on a coffe bean and hoping it all turned out well.