Jun 6, 2011

Pigs, Hearts and Stakes

1. Favorite board game -- Pigmania. C'mon, rolling a couple of pigs around is funny. Laughter makes a game all the better.

2. Favorite card game -- hearts. Makes me think of my grandmother. She never lost. Never.

3. Favorite PC game -- I loved this game called Quarter Pole. I could have my own horse stable, design my own jockey silks, buy horses at auctions or in claiming races. If I did bad, I went bust. If I did well, I eventually amassed an empire. I could bet on my horses then watch the races. It's too old to run on modern computers and there's no modernized equivalent that I've found. Boo! Hmm, I should do a new search and see.

Fun and Game Blogfest hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh.

And, I'm still having blogger issues. Still can't comment on some blogs, because blogger logs me in as anonymous and won't log me in as me. Which prevents me from commenting on some blogs. If I can, I will try to leave word that I stopped in some other way. OK, unchecking the stupid box worked. Thanks to those of you who made the suggestion. How lame. I feel really lame now. :-( Wish load time would speed up now.

I still miss Quarter Pole. Any games you miss?