Jun 8, 2011

Tempest Child

Congratulations to Laura Eno! Her novel, Tempest Child, was released yesterday [June 7, 2011]. Go visit her at her blog, A Shift in Dimension, and give her a hurrah. She's also hosting a contest to celebrate her release.

As future Queen and Guardian of the Elements, Princess Skylather'cha'eab thought her worst nightmare was the impending find-a-husband party until events take an ominous turn. Now she must put her life at risk to save her Kingdom.

Armed with only a staff, a bow, and her wits, Skyla's world is turned upside-down when she enters the Crossroads and encounters the beast she's destined to kill. Does she have the courage to sort truth from lie, or will she die not knowing who betrayed her?

Available at:

An exciting plot. I wish Laura all success and I look forward to reading her creation.

And congrats to Darke Conteur on the publication of her flash fiction "Bless You". You can read it HERE. She blogs on a blog of the same name: Darke Conteur.

Keith Latch just released his short story, The One Law. You can visit him at his website Keith Latch.

Carson Wallace is an agent for the STEA, Space and Time Enforcement Agency. Carson, who’s from a long line of law enforcement officers, grew up not knowing his father. Having wanting nothing but a home with family his entire life, when he’s given the chance to change that, we find that what we think our heart yearns the most for, may not be what we really want in the end.

Available for free from Smashwords.

Ella was published in one of her favorite magazines - Somerset Studio Gallery. Hoooo! Stop by and say hello to her and congrats. HERE

Woot woot! For Laura, Darke, Keith and Ella. All success to you all. And thanks to the fab Tonja and Ted Cross for a suggestion which finally fixed my commenting issues.