Dec 12, 2011

More Weird Light Stories

I haven't seen any more strange lights, although I've wanted to. I'm constantly looking, especially on Route 20 where the observatory is.

I've not been so fortunate, but the husband unit was. He saw strange lights on that same road last week. He had to work in Burns, which is East of PMO, and saw two orbs in the sky. He said he never saw anything move like them. They came from different directions, moving at variable speeds, then one went straight up and the other shot to the East. There was no sound. He actually pulled over and got out of his truck to watch.

He had to go back to Burns the next day. Locals asked how his trip home was the other night. He said, "Interesting." They asked what he saw. Then one after another, stories tumbled out of other's experiences with light on Route 20.

One lady had the same UMO experience I did [unidentified moving object, the lights were not flying when I saw them]. I was excited to hear I'm not the only one who witnessed those weird lights, not the only one who had something strange chasing them. Whenever I turned around, the lights would disappear. She said, she saw them move off, that they moved incredibly fast.

Anyway, I thought it was some interesting information to relay. Husband unit tried to film his sighting, but his cell phone did a poor job of it. What is it with that road and strange events? Perhaps I need to open my own X-File.

I did get to see the lunar eclipse Saturday morning. It was awesome. I'll be reporting on it and will have photos up on the website's blog tomorrow: