Jan 12, 2012

Methods of Visiting Blogs

Connecting and networking and participating is the key to making a blog effective. Yes, it takes a lot of time, mostly in the visiting of other blogs.

So, I thought those of us with more experience could share how we go about blog hopping. Got any great tricks to share?

My method--

*First off, I have a scheduled time Monday-Friday for visiting blogs. Somewhere between 70-90 minutes. Somedays I might spend less time, 30-60 minutes, if I have other obligations. And, I usually take weekends off. We all need scheduled down time, or we'll burn out.

*I visit everyone who visits me. For example, today I'll start by going to blogs of everyone who left a comment on this post. Then, I'll go to Monday's post and check on the blogs of those who left comments on Monday.

*Then I use dashboard to systematically go through the blogs I follow. I jot down on a post-it where I leave off and stick it to the edge of my monitor. Otherwise I'll forget.

*I usually visit links left by others in their posts

This is the method I came up with to deal with visiting blogs. What's yours?