Jan 30, 2012

What Does the Future Hold for Us?

Thanks to Stephen Tremp for visiting Wistful Nebulae today. What a treat! I started reading Opening on my Nook and have to tell you all that it's very exciting and action-packed. The plot just keeps ramping up. Can't wait to read more later today.

What Does The Future Hold For Us? Moving beyond the use of fossil fuels? Awesome inventions and cures for diseases? Colonizing the Moon and Mars? Or does a dystopian period marked by war, famine, disease, pollution, and mass starvation await us as we exhaust our natural resources? What do the Futurists and Visionaries say?

Futurists: Think Tanks consisting of theoretical physicists, economists, architects, sociologists, and technology experts attempt to predict what our immediate and long-term future holds and what we should do now to either avoid catastrophe or position ourselves to move forward.

Visionaries: Experience the future through dreams or supernatural means with little or no regard for what is actually possible. Nostradamus is considered to be a visionary. So are the prophets of the Old and New Testaments.

What Lies Ahead: Will there be a second Age of Enlightenment? Will innovations in the Nano-Bio-IT-Neuro sciences change our lives, economy, and culture and help to secure our future? Or will they be the accelerants that send mankind back to the Stone Age? This is an excellent topic to Google.

Theme For Opening: As I researched this very topic, I thought I would use this theme as the driving force behind the antagonists stealing the breakthrough in wormholes in order to implement their vision to change the world and place its future in the hands of a scientific oligarchy. They have a disdain for the current state of the world and a vision to replace current failures caused by inefficient governments, large greedy global conglomerates, and even larger banking institutions.

They believe physics, biochemistry, and nanotechnology should replace government, corporations, and religion, at least as we know them to presently exist. They feel science is government, corporations, and religion all packaged together.

We Live In Exciting Times! Our world is changing right before us at breakneck speed. Our planet is becoming a much smaller place. CERN and other research and development centers around the world are on the cusp of discovering wonderful and awesome breakthroughs in physics, biochemistry, and nanotechnology (all of which I use in OPENING).

Question: Will mankind use these inevitable discoveries to further civilization? Or will they be used to pad the pockets of an elite few and sell us out? Please leave your thoughts in the COMMENTS.

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