Feb 1, 2012

Don't Panic

Before we get to panic, I have a post up on Stephen Tremp's website today HERE, where I'm talking about space telescopes. Man, I would love me a space telescope. Maybe too distracting. I'd do nothing else but stare through my space telescope. Anyway, let's get back to panic...

"Don't Panic!" Has been my mantra for the last week. I have two deadlines set for this month. On February 21st Stopover at the Backworlds Edge 's third and highly polished draft is supposed to go to its editor. On February 29th, The Backworlds 's third and highly polished draft is supposed to go to its editor.

At the moment, I'm questioning my sanity. Because, of course, other bits of life came crashing in on top of my demanding schedule. I could be a wimp and tell both editors I need two more weeks, but I decided not to. At least not yet. There's nothing more motivating than deadlines.

And I'm blessed with some really great critique partners blasting through the second drafts of both WIPs to give me a hand in making the best polished 3rd draft of each possible. Thanks to my local partners--Mike Rettig, Ella Zane and Trudy Schoenborn who volunteered to read through the last 70 pages of Stopover. Thanks to Misha and Tony for working hard on The Backworlds. I owe you all beers.

Anyway, I'm taking a page from Leda, the main character in Semper Audacia, and I'm being bold. To do what we do, fellow writers, we must often be bold. Semper Audacia means always bold in Latin. Leda would not cower in a corner and say, "It's too much." Nope. She'd say, "Shut up and do it."

So my mantra this week has changed to, "I can do it," and, "Be bold." I will do it. I will. Then I will plan a day off sometime in March as a reward. With a beer. Woot!

Thanks to Loretta [the great artist who did a beautiful illustration for Stopover] for creating this great word bubble so I could play with Paint with a project less obsessive than a new book cover [sort of a stress release for me]. OK, I have to include the beautiful illustration:

Get your own bubble to fill with your word of choice by right clicking and saving the image below. Choose something to motivate you and keep you on track.

What word would you pick?

Thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh for IWSG--Insecure Writers Support Group. It's not too late to sign up and join your fellow insecure writers on the first Wednesday of the month.

Oh, and don't forget about the I'll Tumble 4 Ya Blogfest on Friday, February 10th. All's you have to do is post up who your crush was in the 80's. One enthusiastic blogger is even having a contest related to the bloghop. Check it out HERE. You can click on the "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" tab above to sign up. Maybe you're too young to have had a crush in the 80's, but maybe there's something you love about the era? You could post that up--a song or a movie or a book. Members Only jackets? Our Madonna, Pat Benetar and/or Flash Dance inspired fashions? Those were soo totally awesome.