Oct 28, 2011


Earlier this month at BookExpo America, Amazon announced 47North, a science fiction and fantasy imprint. Yes, that's right. Amazon is getting into the traditional publishing game.

It already has several imprints: AmazonEncore, AmazonCrossing, Powered by Amazon, Montlake Romance, and Thomas & Mercer.

47North will launch with established science fiction and fantasy writers and some new voices. The imprint name comes from Amazon's hometown, Seattle. Makes sense. In Oregon here, I sit at the 45th Parallel.

Rife with Hugo and Nebula award winners, 47North launches with some big splashes.

Amazon has positioned itself as a giant with the potential to grow even bigger in the publishing world. It's hard to know which way is up these days. All I know is, the future is here in cyberspace. The good news, we're all already here working our little fingers and butts off.

Yes, Amazon is now signing authors and getting into the publishing game. Sure, it already has been in the game through Kindle Direct and Createspace. But now it's shaking things up even more.

What are all your thoughts on these new developments in the publishing world?

Added note, I wanted to let you know of Ciara Knight's release:

Love's Long Shadow

Sammy Lorre was cast from Heaven for conduct unbecoming an angel. Living in a demon-infested small town with no memory of her previous life, she faces never-ending purgatory until Boon saunters into her life with a promise of angelic love. But is he an angel from Heaven or a minion from the underworld preying on her human emotions? To discover his true identity, she must risk eternal damnation and her heart.

Ciara's website is at http://www.ciaraknight.com/

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