Oct 5, 2011

Out There on a Tight Rope

So here it is, the day after my first big release on Amazon. Because of so many of you wonderful folks, I'm not as nervous or worried as much as I otherwise would be. So, thanks to all of you for that, and a million times over.

Some local writer friends were trying to convince me recently that blogs are a waste of time. They quoted some studies or whatnot. All, well and fine, and I understand their need to feel they're not missing out by not blogging. They are missing out though. This is a fabulous opportunity to network, help other writers who send out an SOS, make friends and learn. Where else is there an Insecure Writers group? Only here in bloggyland.

I confess to some feelings of anxiety and insecurity, despite my bluster above. My dream is to write stories and publish them. I want to keep doing it, and I hope I will. I hope some people will like what I do as much as I enjoy creating my works. So many, many hopes. Like submitting, it's hope mixed with trying not to expect too much. So, I chew on my lip and hold my breath. I took that leap and there's no going back. I must keep moving forward. Must. Anyone want to clutch hands?

What has your stomach in knots?

Major thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh for starting this group.