Oct 14, 2011

Pay It Forward, Semper Audacia Winners

Paying it forward bloghop. Sponsored by Matthew MacNish and Alex J. Cavanaugh.

It's tough to pick only three. So many of you have helped give me a boost on this journey. Special thanks to Reka Sang and Loretta Stephenson for the lovely reviews. Thanks to Alex for his multiple shoutouts on his blog.

1. Lindsay Buroker
2. Francine Howarth, Romancing the Blog, Indie Book List
3. Julie Flanders

Thanks to Alex, Libby Heily, Christine Raines, Madeleine, Miranda Hardy, Nicki Elson, Jon Mac, Allan Douglas, Nancy Thompson, Reka Sang, Damyanti for roping me into a great group on Triberr, JL Campbell, Ciara Knight, Lynda R. Young, JarrakDiego, and Laura Eno. The support by other writers in cyberspace is so tremendous and so appreciated. I know there are more people I need to thank, and I will by visiting your blog.

I've said before and I mean it, we are in this together. To make it on our own in any endeavor is a rare thing, even more so in this one. We need each other and each other's support. I thank each and all of you for yours.

The five winners of the free ecopies of Semper Audacia are:

1.  Melissa Bradley
2.  Madeleine of Scribble & Edit
3.  Christine Rains
4.  Shallee
5.  Tara Tyler

Are sales off the charts? Hell, no. I didn't expect them to be. I did make a start and I've made some fans. I read on a blog somewhere about how we build a beach a grain of sand at a time. So, I've started mine. I came up with some plans and have been working hard.

You all keep up building your beaches. I'll be one of your grains of sand.