Oct 17, 2011

Cats in Space

Guest posting on the fabulous, Julie Flanders blog today, What Else Is Possible? Come over for a visit. Discussing travels with Makayla and Nini.

Susan Kaye Quinn's Open Minds launches on November 1st. If you'd like to help her out with her launch party, pop over and sign up. HERE

Also, the Husband Unit is on vacation this week, so I might not be around as much. The posts will still go off, but I might actually take a few days off. Maybe. :) If the weather's nice, I expect to explore more of the wilds of Oregon. Maybe get in some star gazing. Maybe not. I broke the telrad when unloading my telescope from the car a few weeks back, bringing it home from the observatory. The telrad is how I aim the telescope. Husband Unit is trying to fix it. I'll probably have to order a new one. I still have the original finder scope and can maybe limp along with that through the off season. We'll see.

Semper Audacia is now available on iTunes and B&N.

What's up with you guys?