Mar 5, 2012

A Call for Your Great Minds

I'm calling on your great minds today to help me perfect my blurbs for The Backworlds and Stopover at the Backworlds' Edge.

I did meet my deadlines for finishing the third draft of both projects before the end of February. Yay! I took my day off with a beer over the weekend. Woot!

And it's back to work. I've begun the Hetty Locklear story to go out prior to the novel. Did a rough outline and started writing it. As of yet, no title. I'm editing The Backworlds, too, and will soon begin formatting. Tended to some writing business stuff, and organized my google reader. Thanks Alex, for that tip. It's so much easier to keep track of you all now. So, yeah, there's another AtoZ tip for you all. Before April rolls around, organize your google reader.

The Backworlds is already back from its talented editor, so I set a release date. I would prefer April, but the AtoZ is sort of in the way. So, I will delay the launch until May 7th, 8th, and 9th. I'm hoping you all will help me launch this novella [nearly a novel]. It'll be a free offering, but I'll still need help getting the word out. I'll have a linky link up in April.

I couldn't help myself and redid the cover for The Backworlds. It was sort of a reward for all the hard work. I find doing little art projects in my paint program somewhat therapeutic. I also made a promotional badge for it, which you probably noticed prominently displayed at the top of my sidebar. I'm really, really excited about the release of The Backworlds. I think it really, really rocks. I may be biased, but I'm proud of it.

Stopover at the Backworlds' Edge is with it's editor as of today. I was going to start redoing its cover [because I'll be doing paperback, too], but saw I needed a page count for the cover size [for the spine], so will have to wait. The cover won't be much different, just need to redo it adding in a back and a spine. I am looking at a mid-end of July release for it.

At any rate, I'd appreciate any feedback, comments, or otherwise on improving the blurbs for the Backworlds series.

The Backworlds

In the far future, humanity, bioengineered to deal with different environments, has spread out to other planets in the galaxy, called the Backworlds. After the war with their creators, Backworlders are scattered across scant pickings. Scant enough that Craze's father hoards his fortune, branding Craze a threat. He steals Craze's gal, and manipulates the council to ostracize and exile Craze. Stripped of family and friends, with little money and even less knowledge of the worlds beyond his own, Craze faces an uncertain future. Boarding the transport to Elstwhere, he vows to find success and make his father pay.

Stopover at the Backworlds' Edge

In the far future, humanity, bioengineered to deal with different environments, has spread out to other planets in the galaxy, called the Backworlds. Craze's Tavern sits on the fringes of expansion. Last stop for one hundred fifteen light years.

The interstellar portal opens, bringing in a ship that should no longer exist. A battleship spoiling for a fight. Yet, the war ended two generations ago. The vessel drops off a Water-breather, a type of Backworlder thought to be extinct. She claims one of Craze’s friends is a traitor who summoned the enemy to Pardeep Station. A betrayal worse than his father’s, if he lives to worry about it.

Anyway, anything you have to say on the blurbs is appreciated, including grammar and punctuation corrections.