Mar 29, 2012

Favorite Sad Songs

This Blogfest is hosted by L. Diane Wolfe of Spunk on a Stick.

Melancholy tunes I love listening to over and over.

This song by Gotye brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. This guy on the radio requested it a few weeks ago. His girlfriend had just passed from cancer. Sniff. Yes, I'm a major sap that way. Somebody That I Used to Know.

Bush, Letting the Cables Sleep

J'adore the always moody and complex Radiohead. Fake Plastic Trees.

It's a Mad World. The original Tears for Fears was quite moody, but Gary Jules makes it even more melancholy.

J'adore Cat Power. She's awesome. The Greatest.

I hope you're not too depressed now.  There are plenty more sad songs I love to listen to, but I decided to feature ones that might not be so well known. Shrug. Maybe they are.

 Have a great weekend everybody. Monday begins the AtoZ challenge. :-O I'll be posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday all of April, doubling up my letters.