Mar 7, 2012

OMG, I Did What?

I stepped out of my comfort zone, and volunteered to give a mini workshop for my local writers guild. So, they slotted me in for April's meeting, and started advertising in the local papers, etc... My topic is the author's platform and building a blog. The only thing I'm slightly nervous about is a lot of my audience isn't very computer savvy.

Oddly, I otherwise have no jitters over doing this. All those Second Sundays I did at the local library with the open mic reading my stories, helped a lot. All the summers I spend up at Pine Mountain Observatory teaching people about stars and the universe, also helped. Maybe there is something to be said for learning to speak to a bunch of strangers in the dark. It's not so scary if you can't see them.

My cats make a great test audience, too. If I don't read with enough spirit, they go back to sleep. If I read with verve, they pay attention with their cutie faces. If I flub a word, they frown and twitch their ears in disapproval. They're a very discerning audience.

So, my advice for nerves: go out and practice. You'll get better. Eventually, you'll slay it.

I'll wrap up by making a few shoutouts today:

Christine Rains has a short story out on A Twist of Noir. Lady Blood. READ HERE

Laura Eno has a new book out, Immortal Desires. For links to Kindle, Nook and Smashwords, see Laura's blog HERE. Here's the exciting description:

After being dumped at the altar, Deanna Cameron seeks a fresh start in life. She gets more than she bargained for after accepting a new job, when an Immortal Guardian sends her five hundred years into the past. She can’t return home and a magnificent highland warrior accuses her of being a spy. Ian Mackay knows the beautiful woman that appears in his castle must be a spy. After all, she’s a Cameron, a clan he despises. The powerful magic surrounding her obstructs his Druid senses, plus he finds he can’t stay away from the temptress. But loving Deanna could come with a price too high to pay. Will she be the downfall of his clan—or its salvation?

Mark Koopmans of  Aloha! Mark Koopmans says Hi from HI is hosting the Got Green Bloghop on March 12-16th. St. Patrick's Day inspired posts -- traditions, meals, stories.

Laura of the Daily Dodo is having a One Year Blogaversary Party. Comment on this post, then on March 13th, post the badge with a photo of a clothed body part. Fab prizes will be awarded.

Thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh for IWSG--Insecure Writers Support Group. It's not too late to sign up and join your fellow insecure writers on the first Wednesday of the month. Have you heard his second novel, CassaFire, is out? :)

So, have you done anything lately to shake up your comfort zone and increase your visibility? Platform exists outside the internet.