Mar 9, 2012

I Appreciate You

First I want to thank all of you awesome folks for helping me out with my blurbs. I redid them. You can read the revisions HERE. I'm probably not quite done with them yet...I'll probably still change words now and then. Applause and more applause for you guys.

Have you checked out my other blog lately? Recent topics include End of the World as We Know It, Full Metal Jousting, Sliding Doors, and What is a Nebula.

I was given the Kreativ Blogger award and tagged by Leslie Rose. Thank you, Leslie. Stop by and say hello.

What book(s) have stayed in your head?
All by Jane Austen, Steppenwolfe by Hermann Hesse, anything by the Brontes, Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut, Dune series by Frank Herbert, the Provence books by Peter Mayle, Snow in August by Pete Hamill, 2001: A Space Odyssey, other novels and several short stories by Arthur C. Clarke, anything by Margaret George...the list goes on and on. I still think about Gateways by Frederick Pohl and Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Adams, too. And some stories by Jack Finney.

What kind of books do you like best? Science fiction, classic literature, historical fiction, speculative fiction. I like some poetry now and then, too. And, I read nonfiction: anthropology, Sumer, archeology, physics, astronomy, science, mythology...and whatever I'm currently researching.

How much do covers influence your buying a book? They rarely do. I buy authors I like, regardless of cover, books for research, books I’ve heard were good, great literary works, and, these days, I mostly buy books by writers I know.

I end with a few photos from a trip Husband Unit and I took last summer to the Painted Hills. A stunningly beautiful place in the middle of nowhere Oregon. The striation of color was made from volcanic ash a really, really long time ago. If you ever go out there, make sure you have a full tank of gas. Luckily, we've lived here long enough to know that rule--do not leave town without a full tank of gas. Clicking on any photo will give you a larger view.

 Have a great weekend everybody.