Apr 6, 2012

Emotional Bees Faster than Light

E is for evading honeybees in a foul mood.

Honeybees are the first invertebrate found to exhibit pessimism, a cognitive trait limited to "higher" animals.

Really? Honeybees are depressed, waking up thinking the world will end tomorrow? That everything isn't all sunshine and a bed of roses? A bed of daffodils?

The article was written by Newcastle University researchers Melissa Bateson and Jeri Wright based on their bee study. It appeared in the June issue of Current Biology. To read more on this fascinating topic, GO HERE.

To determine the bees' moods, they first had to be trained to associate a stimulus with reward and then punishment. By introducing a third stimulus, the scientists could then determine whether the bees had any feeling about that third stimulus.

Faster Than Light Neutrinos

In September, researchers from the OPERA collaboration in Italy provided fodder for a thousand articles when they announced measuring a neutrino moving faster than light. A neutrino is a particle smaller than an atom that can not hold an electrical charge.

Most physicists dismissed the finding, suggesting some error in the measurement or analysis, but that didn't stop millions of people from hoping that they'd witnessed the start of a new scientific revolution.

And they were right, errors were found--a “bad connection” between a fibre-optic cable and the GPS receiver used to measure the time required to travel the length of the fibre. A second error is thought to be due to poor calibration of the clock used to calculate the neutrino’s time of flight.

Bummer. I'm convinced they'll figure it out some day. To get all the thrilling excitement of discovery, here's the ORIGINAL ARTICLE.


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Maybe we can make better friends with bees by sweetening their moods with honey... OK, bad joke.

What do you think about moody bees and the neutrino experiments? Would you train bees?

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