Apr 18, 2012

Plot Quantum Chronodynamics

Plotting is a lot like partical physics ... maybe. The letter P is hosted by the beautiful and amazing Madeleine Maddocks of Sribble & Edit.

How I plot: This has been changing the more I write. I do more preplanning than I used to. I do an outline chapter by chapter. I'll sketch out chapter 2, then write it. When I'm happy with 2, I outline 3 and then write it. I do more character development before I start, too--figuring out how all the characters interconnect, what their story is before the novel opens. Usually a vision comes to me as a character, a world or a situation, then I work out how to "sci-fi" it up, and think of ways to make it uniquely M. Pax. I must know how I plan to end the story before I can start.

Quantum Physics. CERN, the Hadron Collider is working on four experiments. LEARN MORE

1.  LHCb (Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment) is an experiment set up to explore what happened after the Big Bang that allowed matter to survive and build the Universe.

2.  Alice Detector Experiment--study the physics of strongly interacting matter at extreme energy densities, where the formation of a new phase of matter, the quark-gluon plasma, is expected.

3.  The Atlas Experiment--will learn about the basic forces that have shaped our Universe since the beginning of time and that will determine its fate.

4. CMS Detector Experiment--To record the Universe’s tiniest constituents we need the world’s largest network of scientific instruments.

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How do you plot? Or, don't you? What do you think about the physics experiments?