Apr 9, 2012

Gala Hop

Gala Hop is the AtoZ way of announcing the launch party for the first book in my new space opera series, The Backworlds. Book#1 of The Backworlds series.

You're invited to a party! Release date is Monday, May 7th, and I'm having a party. I hope some of you will join me in posting up the cover, a blurb, and links, all of which I will send you via email, giving you a major break after AtoZ ends. I hope to create at least a tiny web buzz and get this book into as many hands as possible.

The Backworlds will be free. The first chapter is currently up on my website. I'm really excited about this series.

If you'd like to do more to help me launch, write 'more' next to your name in the linky sign up.


Now onto a little science...

Growth of Humanity. In October 2011, population hit 7 billion. This happened just 12 years after we hit 6 billion; in contrast, it took humanity about 72,000 years to reach its first billion. For all of humanity to enjoy the current comfortable living enjoyed by a tiny fraction of us, we need four more Earths. READ MORE

Humanity's ancestors survive in our genes. Proof that homo sapiens and Neanderthals shacked up. Vante Paabo, with a lab at the Max Planck Institute, was responsible for sequencing the Neanderthal genome, recently discovered that DNA from these barrel-chested people is still present in many Europeans today. READ MORE

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So what are your thoughts on our past and future?