Apr 30, 2012

Fountain of Youth and Zoo Jail Breaks

Only the unflushed die Young.

In November 2011, gerontologists showed that flushing old cells from the bodies of mice slowed their aging. The same trick can't be performed for people as was done in this one strain of genetically modified mice, but the findings could seed a whole new generation of aging research. Too bad we can't be flushed. I was looking forward to a very 'refreshing' new body wash. LEARN MORE

In Zoology ...

Scientists discover we're far from the only animals capable of empathy.

With a few liberating swipes of their paws, a group of research rats freed trapped labmates and raised the possibility that empathy isn’t unique to humans and a few extra-smart animals, but is widespread in the animal world. LEARN MORE

 The Backworlds Blog Tour May 7th, 2012

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Well, that was a lot of help from our rodent friends in 2011. And this brings AtoZ to a close. Exhausting, but a blast.