Jun 22, 2012

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Note: Wistful Nebulae is moving to http://mpaxauthor.com/blog/ on August 20th. Starting today, the website and this blog are the same, publishing the same articles on the same days, MWF.

  For you Wendy Lu               

 May good fortune fall on you in plenty
throughout the year as you turn twenty

Happy Birthday, Wendy Lu

Part of Wendy's Roaring 20's Blogfest. There's still time to sign up at The Red Angel.

  What to Read                    

Congrats to Christine Rains on her acceptance of Red for publication by Pill Hill Press. It's her sci-fi flash piece.

Anna Marie Smith released Alphabet Wishes: A Collection of Poems. Congratulations to Anna.

Laura Eno releases Wraith, June 27th. Congratulations Laura!


Went to see Prometheus in 3D last week with one of my writing pals. What made it worth the price of admission was feeling as if I stood on an alien world. It's something I've always dreamed of doing. Just awesome. It was an enjoyable movie, but I thought they could have upped it a notch on the suspense and scary factors.

 Writers Desk                    

I set a release date for Stopover at the Backworlds' Edge. July 23rd. I'll be doing another launch party and will be putting up the linky link shortly.

Polishing the chapter ones of Earth Hereafter and Boomtown Craze, the next two stories in the Backworlds series. Madly writing to complete The Renaissaince of Hetty Locklear, anticipated release end of October 2012.

Have a great weekend everybody.