Jun 4, 2012

Transit of Venus

Catherine Stine is hosting me at Idea City today. I'll be discussing bioengineering and human evolution. What improvement would you like if you could get one?

Been playing around with book covers again ... mostly because I was brainstorming the next few stories in The Backworlds series, then wanted to do covers. See them HERE, scroll down to see Earth Hereafter and Boomtown Craze. They turned out so well, it put The Backworlds to shame. So, I redid it. Still working on Stopover's.

Venus transits the Sun this week. Tuesday for US, Wednesday for others. Check this site for more info: http://www.transitofvenus.org/  Some of my astronomy buddies will have scopes up on Pilot Butte, which is out my back window, so I'll be popping up to see what I can see. Forecast says partly cloudy, but we may get some glimpses. It's the last transit of our lifetime. The next occurs in 2116.

It didn't snow us out up at Pine Mountain Observatory this weekend, but there was a lot of cloud cover. Was able to get glimpses of the Moon, Mars, and Venus Friday night. Not even the Moon on Saturday. Got a few photos. For larger views, click on a photo.

 The clouds started out so innocently Friday night ...

My best Moon shot of the weekend. Clouds made it a little hazy.

Saturn. Clearer skies would have given me more time & more chances to get a great shot. This will have to do for now ...

Came across a herd of deer Saturday evening.

This was the best view of the Moon we got Saturday night.

How was your weekend?

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