Jun 20, 2012

Wistful News

Astronomy Report                 

Last weekend's astronomy report is on the website: www.mpaxauthor.com  It was a great weekend. Much warmer. Fairly clear.

Thanks To:                               

Jonathan Allen, Karen Elizabeth Brown, Jemima Pett, Paty Jager, and Trudy Schoenborn for the blog awards. I don't recall who awarded me what, and I feel like I'm missing somebody. If it's you, forgive me.

This was one of them: Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript. Go to line 7. Post on your blog or Facebook page the next 7 lines, or sentences, as they are – no cheating

I'm currently working on The Renaissance of Hetty Locklear, which is a departure from all-out science fiction. It's more in the Plantgirl vibe if you've read that. It's womens fiction mixed with contemporary science fiction, later some contemporary fantasy, then a healthy dose of weird. I really like weird.

“I’m beginning to suspect Varren is a twelve-year-old girl, or a very old lady.” Maisy giggled.
That produced a smile from Hetty. If the Hysics transformed stern, practical Maisy into a soft, fun-loving girl, how could playing be bad?
“Then you don’t have to worry that he’s Ken if he’s a she.” Raspberry stretched her arms over her head before settling her fingers on the keyboard.
“I wasn’t worried until you mentioned it.” Hetty sighed, hitting reply.

Wistful Nebulae News         

So last week when I signed into Blogger to check on my posts and give them a look over before they went off, they were gone. All of them. Scheduled, drafts, old, new, all of them. That's part of what the grrr post was about on Saturday. I was actually writing this post and hit publish instead of schedule. But because I couldn't see any posts when signed it, I couldn't delete it. I was also unsure what was scheduled when, so this week had the potential to get really interesting ...

They did finally fix my issue, but I have other issues with Blogger. For instance, I can't sign in with google to follow with friend connect. I have to use my Twitter. Which I think is really moronic because I have a gmail account.

After my temper cooled ... yes, I do have one ... I decided that I'm being an idiot. I pay for a perfectly good website, and maintaining both sites is getting too time consuming. So, I'm going to condense to one, and I'm going to be moving completely onto my website. www.mpaxauthor.com

 Painful as it will be, I believe it is the right choice. Starting next week, I will sync the two blogs, same posts publishing on the same days -- MWF. On Monday, August 20th, I will make the switch to the website only. This blog will remain up to direct stragglers there.

I know not everyone will follow and it will be like starting over, but I need to make the move at some point and I might as well get it over with. I'm waiting until after my next book release -- Stopover at the Backworlds' Edge -- July 23rd. Next week I'll start making plans for the launch party.

Talked to my web guru who gave me the ability to lighten pages as I wish, so the blog on the website will be light gray background with dark text -- similar to here -- from now on.