Dec 20, 2010

Death of the Space Opera? And a Lunar Eclipse

With Syfy's cancellation of Stargate Universe on Friday [although they will air the 10 remaining episodes], us sci-fi heads are left without any good space opera. Zilch. Nada. Joss Whedon, phone home.

Supposedly, another Battle Star Galactica is in the works. After Caprica, I'm not excited. If a show doesn't have enough action for me, there is a serious problem. And let's drop the constant drinking and smoking in the Battlestar Galactica world. It's distracting and annoying. And please don't make things so Earth-like. We watch space opera for an 'escape'. Escape is key.

What is a space opera fan to do?

Syfy, if you're that hard up for ideas, call me. Although, I didn't see anything wrong with SGU. I liked it, especially once we got aliens and space battles and started exploring the alien planets. I didn't mind the large cast. I even enjoyed Rush's imperfections. Made him interesting. A large cast gives a show more possibilities. I get bored if it's about the same characters all of the time. Ie, Voyager became the holo doctor and Seven of Nine show. I got might sick of the both of them. To the point where I wouldn't watch if the episode was about either of them. There were other crew members on the ship, it didn't have to be the holo doctor and Seven of Nine show. Then Syfy had to bring holo doctor to Stargate. Gah!

I am excited about the upcoming season 4 of Torchwood. It will be airing on BBC One and Starz this summer [2011]. I get neither channel, so I'll have to wait for the dvds. Gives me something to look forward to, though.

I watched the final episode of Sanctuary - well, the last half of it. I'm glad to see they brought John back, and I found the concept of Hollow Earth interesting. But the lead-in of wrestling ... is just wrong. Friday nights have been sci-fi night for a long time. Nothing against wrestling, but how is it science fiction? The costumes? Is that how?


 I caught the last half of Star Runners on Syfy the other evening. Starring Trip from Enterprise. I came in where the giant bugs were attacking. [yes, I enjoyed that part thoroughly] It was actually not bad. If it was a Syfy original, it's one of their better movies.

Ice Quake wasn't bad either. I watched the whole thing. I was entertained. Can't say the same for Dragon Wars. The special effects team have a lot of talent, but I can only watch that one in short bursts. The idea of it is good, but the reality of it isn't.

Anyway, I am disturbed that when SGU goes off the air, there will be no space opera on TV. Nothing to get excited about. Alls I'll have left is repeats of fallen favorites. I have plenty of SG-1, Star Trek and Firefly on dvd.

Instead of a new Stargate or Star Trek or Battlestar, maybe we could get something new? With something new, there are no expectations. Might give new ideas a better shot at finding an audience. Maybe.

What would you like to see in a new space opera? I'd have to vote for space battles and pretty men. Husband votes for 'in space' - no Earth stuff - and no cutsey aliens.

Astronomy News!

December 21, is a total lunar eclipse. Visible in North and South America on Monday night. For more on times to look:
It's also the winter solstace. Shortest day of the year. All you horror, fantasy and sci-fi writers, lots of good fodder in this conjunction of celestial events. Yes?