Dec 29, 2010

While Waiting for my Monolith Action Figure to Arrive ...

I am all a twitter [although, I have not tweeted about this] about my monolith action figure in transit. Looking forward to its arrival.

Husband's and I's mutual gift to each other this holiday season was a blue ray player to replace the dying dvd player as it was especially annoying when it would stop in the middle of my workouts.

One of our holiday traditions is to buy a set of dvds to watch. Last year it was the original Star Treks, which we thoroughly enjoyed. It had been so long since I'd seen it, I had forgotten many of the episodes. There is something about those old shows and the Kirk and the Spock - just could not stop watching.

This year, I found the series Carnivale. It caught my attention while perusing the offerings among HBO and Showtime. I find they often have shows I like watching. I had never heard of Carnivale, but the blurb interested me and Husband. So, we took it home. Hmmm, great choice. We've been thoroughly entertained and have a hard time restraining ourselves to one episode a day. Set in the 1930's during the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl, it follows the travels of these carnies. Their new recruit, Ben, was picked up in the show opener burying his mother. He just escaped from the chain gang and is a fugitive. The story of Ben unfolds slowly. He has some strange powers which are revealed in drips and spurts as the show goes on. Juxtaposed with the carnies' stories is the story of Brother Justin, a methodist preacher in California. He and Ben share dreams, and it seems powers. Too bad there are only two seasons.

We've also been watching Threshold. It originally aired on CBS in 2005. I wondered why I had never seen it then read only a few episodes aired in the US and it was on Friday nights. So, we were probably watching Stargate. Anyway, there's a bit of throwback to an X-Files feel. A friend sent me the dvds and I have to say it was a good choice. Too bad it didn't catch on. It's an enjoyable watch. Aliens and lots of skeery scenes. So far, very fun.

My other guilty pleasure is neither fantasy or sci-fi. Husband got me the final season of the Tudors. Boo that it's the final season. I can not hold myself to one episode a day and already finished watching it. Love, love, love this series.

The Cape is coming to NBC the premiere is Sunday, January 9th and it will air Mondays at 9:00 p.m. Nice to see Summer Glau again. Same time slot as The Event, which has me confused since The Event was picked up for 22 episodes. That would be a real sci-fi feat to air two shows at the same time. I've enjoyed The Event and look forward to The Cape.

What about you? Any shows you've seen which you find compelling? Anyone else a Big Love fan? I have yet to see season 4, but will remedy that soon enough. I'm also sorry there were only 2 seasons of Rome.