Dec 27, 2010

Gift of Encouragement

How was your holiday?

Mine was pretty good. My video genius has many talents. Her day job is a printer. So, she sent me two bound copies of my first novel - THE SKIES IN HAND. I have to admit it was exciting to open the package and see my book in print. Totally unexpected. It's not an official copy as it's not under a publishing contract yet, but it was a very thoughtful gift. Helps keep me going. Whatever New York thinks, I like it. I think it rocks.

Revision work on my second novel is starting to pick up speed. Although I've changed details of the plot, I have not altered the plot much at all. Will switch a few things around, but otherwise I follow what I did in the first draft for the most part.

Video genius also sent me a book I wanted for research on the next novel. Has things cooking on the back burner for that one. I must get to the Bend Historical Society before we leave. So, that is on my slate for this winter. Probably some time in January.

I also need to work on getting some submissions and queries out. I'm going to concentrate on moving on that this week. Need to get my next total rewrite of a short story done, too. I did one, but I still didn't get it right. So, now I've got to do another one.

The road to any goal may be a bumpy one, but there's no way to go but forward. And it's nice to have friends giving me shoves along the way.

How about you? What keeps you going? Get any shoves lately?