Dec 3, 2010

Fridays at the Met

I sure got my exercise at the Metropolitan Museum of Art when I was back east. It'd be easy to spend months in there in an attempt to see it all. We did not see it all in the many hours we were there. Maybe half of a percent.

First up is the Met itself and some statues.

It was a very busy Saturday in NYC. The one thing I've
missed most since moving away 20-some odd
years ago, is the museums. I <3 art.

Close up on the decorative facade of the Met.

One of the sculpture halls.

What fascinates me about art is the way the artist speaks to us so clearly. Time is no obstacle. Language is no obstacle. Art transcends both. There is a young artist sketching the statue. What will he leave behind to inspire future generations?

Moments in time that transcend the ages
Art often inspires my characters and stories. The emotion and passion that tumbles out of a piece awes me.

A sculpture of a Siren. I love the interplay of foreboding
with alluring beauty. Makes me think about capturing
the same feel in type.

My niece asked me to photograph this on our
way to find the Egyptian Temple.

This statue was in the same room. It
spoke to me. What did it say?
I'm not sure about that part yet.

I read Scientific American on the plane, which got my juices going on story ideas, too. I should get a subscripton. It often inspires me.

What has inspired you lately?