Jul 8, 2011

Balancing Rocks

The July 4th weekend was picture perfect, so we went out to Cove Pallisades State Park to see the balancing rocks. I always say, "There's not a whole lot of ugly in Oregon," because one vista after another, most of Oregon is breathtaking. Every region is different: the coast, the Valley, the Gorge, the Cascades, Central Oregon and Eastern Oregon. With that said, Cove Pallisades and the balancing rocks is one of the best views yet. Just awesome. Clicking on any photo will give you a larger view

Along the Metolius River. The forest fire revealed the
balancing rocks standing sentry over the awesome landscape in
the lower right corner of the photo

Lizard. Aww, cute.

Snow-capped Cascades in the distance made the view even
more stunning than it already was.

The tops are separate rocks balancing on their columns

A wider shot of the beautiful vistas

Balancing rocks

Visitors left their own creations of balancing rocks everywhere.
Here was my contribution.

Husband unit's contribution.
Touted as one of Oregon's hidden jewels, it most certainly is. Have you discovered any hidden gems lately?

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