Jul 22, 2011

Full Moon and Hanging at the Observatory

Last weekend was full Moon. Worse than that, it was rainy and damp. So, we had clouds to deal with, too. The rain went off, but the Moon made even the Owl star cluster a figment of the imagination. For a larger view of any photo, click on the photo.

Can see the rain on the mountain just left of center. Right of center, too.

Moody skies over the high desert.

Skies started to clear and the sunlight hit this fluffy cloud.

The rain did have the high desert blooming. Not only were there flowers everywhere, they smelled fantastic.

Wildflowers everywhere

We only got one telescope out, because we didn't have many guests plus there wouldn't be much to show. Here we are bundled up in our winter gear on a mid July night.

I'm the left most person.

The moon rose with an orange flourish over the 32" telescope's dome. It was really beautiful. Lightning kept flashing over the southwest, but it never came closer. The dampness had dew on the telescope quick, however, and had me feeling cold and damp quick. Packed it up early. But only after I got a few shots of the Moon. Just for you guys.


Full Moon

Saturn through the 24". Four of its moons were visible, but
they don't show up in the photo
The color comes from the moon filter.

Saturday was worse. Clouds roared in with a vengeance swallowing up the sky. Then it started to rain. Packed up quick. Really don't want the mirrors on the telescopes getting wet.

I think these are called alpine lupins, but don't take my word for it. The mountain was covered with them everywhere. One benefit to some rain. The second being the lessening of allergy symptoms.

A few shots of the moody sky.

And a movie of the Moon being swallowed by clouds.