Jul 20, 2011

Summer Sci-Fi

Syfy started it's summer lineup on Monday nights: Eureka, Warehouse 13 and the new series, Alphas.

Eureka -- I'm not as well versed on this series as the husband unit. Mostly because it used to air on Friday nights. I'm rarely home on a Friday night in the summer [working at the observatory]. So the switch to Mondays is welcome. It's as fun and quirky as I remembered. A good lead-in to Warehouse 13.

Warehouse 13 -- I loved this show from episode one. This season, their third, started with a bang. Love the new guy. Love its homage to steampunk with the contemporary / urban fantasy. Fun mix of subgenres with good characters and good chemistry among the cast. Good story telling.

Alphas -- I'm lukewarm about this series so far. Maybe it'll get better. It'll have to, to get me to watch any TV past 10 p.m. It's sort of like Heroes, but not as comic booky.

Falling Skies -- started on TNT in June. Airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. Love the Skidders. Love that they may not be what they seem. Lots of action and some decent character building. So far, I'm liking it. At first I thought, gees another alien invasion show, but some subtle twists here and there show some promise.

I know that Haven and Torchwood 4 have started, too. I'm never home on Friday nights, so won't get to see Haven. And I don't get Starz, so have to wait for the dvds to come out for Torchwood. Hex on anyone who tells me anything about it. I'm covering my ears ... and eyes.

Missing -- space opera. Where's the space opera? I hope something is coming down the pike soon. Still have one episode plus the movies of Babylon5 to tide me over and have Odyssey 5 waiting. Also am most of the way through Life on Mars. Good show. Quite excellent, actually. Started rewatching Firefly. Fabulous as ever, even the 100th time over.

Watching any of these shows? What are your thoughts? Anything have you hooked at the moment? Do share. :)