Jul 4, 2011

Sky Rockets and Jumping Off a Cliff

For best viewing, enlarge the video.

Happy 4th to those in the US. Hope you're having a great
and safe holiday.

The jumping off a cliff part I don't mean literally. Recently, Lindsay Buroker of E-book Endeavors, suggested free reads be put up for distribution on Smashwords. Like most, I had them up on my website. But here is a place distributing books and stories to 'the audience' where they don't have to work so hard to find you. So, I made up some book covers, edited the stories, formatted them and went for it.

It was an exhilerating thing to do, and gets me better distribution than leaving them on website did. Plus, I can now get reviewed, which is a new thing. Something else we have to get used to as writers. Crit groups is one thing,a review from someone who doesn't know you is something entirely different. Another step down the writer road.

At any rate, it's a great idea for continuing to build our platforms -- to put our free reads up on Smashwords. Amazon doesn't let you put something to free. It might match over time, but there's no guarantee. So, I'm going to stick to Smashwords for free reads. Good practice in formatting, too.

You'll see my three stories in my sidebar -- Translations, Small Graces and Plantgirl. They're three stories I read at the library. Got good reactions from all three. Plantgirl got me my first fan. So, read and enjoy. Here's my Smashwords page: http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/mpaxauthor

What about you? Learn any new tricks for platform-building?