Aug 10, 2011

Blood and Chrome, Fall 2011 Sci-Fi TV

Syfy has ordered another Battlestar Galactica prequel called Blood and Chrome, takes place in the 10th year of the first Cylon war. As the battle between humans and their creation, a sentient robotic race, rages across the 12 colonial worlds, a brash rookie viper pilot enters the fray. Ensign William Adama, barely in his 20s and a recent Academy graduate, finds himself assigned to the newest battlestar in the Colonial fleet… the Galactica. The talented but hot-headed risk-taker soon finds himself leading a dangerous top secret mission that, if successful, will turn the tide of the decade long war in favor of the desperate fleet.

Here's concept art released for the series:

Yay on space opera, but I'm not entirely excited. I'm not enamored of prequels at all, for one. For two, Caprica was awful. At least in this one there will be some space battles. That's something.

Also coming up with sci-fi-ey themes:

Terra Nova. FOX. Centers on the Shannons, an ordinary family from 2149 when the planet is dying who are transported back 85 million years to prehistoric Earth where they join Terra Nova, a colony of humans with a second chance to build a civilization. I'm really looking forward to this despite the logic flaw of why they'd chose to send people back in time to this time period to save them. Maybe they explain that in the first episode though. Then there's the fact it's on Fox, where they enjoy screwing up the success of sci-fi shows.

Once Upon a Time. ABC. Centers on a woman with a troubled past who is drawn into a small town in Maine where the magic and mystery of Fairy Tales just may be real.

Grimm. NBC. Crime solving drama where the main character is a descendent of the Brothers Grimm. Latest reports say this won't be starting until November.

Fables. Based in a world where fairy tale characters have been forced out of their homes by a mysterious enemy known as the Adversary, and now live in a hidden community in New York City known as Fabletown. The series' first storyline followed Fabletown's sheriff, a reformed and pardoned Big Bad Wolf, who investigates the murder of Snow White's party-girl sister, Rose Red.

Untitled Star Wars TV Series. On hold for 3 more years due to budget problems reported June 2011. This could be cool if they can figure out how to produce it without a budget equivalent to running a medium sized country.

Seems fairy tales are invading the airwaves this fall.

This past Sunday was the season finale of Falling Skies. That was fast. It was pretty good. They wrapped up something I'd been wondering for awhile ... what happened to Karen. The gang of survivors had some successes and failures in their offensive against the aliens. Now we have to wait until summer 2012 to see where they're going with this story. 

So what are your thoughts on another BSG? The fairy tale shows? Anything interesting you? Anything not?