Aug 15, 2011

Observatory Season Past Halfway Mark

I can't believe the observatory season winds toward finished. About six more weeks to go. August is always our busiest month -- weather is good and tons of objects to show off even in the smaller scopes. The Perseids meteor shower was obscured by the full moon this year.


Bad picture of me, but hey, here I am.

Waxing Moon, taken through my telescope, 8/5/11

Detail of the Seas of Tranquility and Serenity, taken through my scope, 8/5/11

Saturn through my scope w/ the new eyepiece. Saturn's getting low, so hard to see clearly at this point.
Moon 8/6/11

Moon 8/6/11

This past weekend was full Moon. I worked Friday night, peak of the Perseids Meteor Shower. We saw a few big, fiery meteors earlier in the evening, then nothing. The Moon even made part of the Big Dipper disappear, it was so bright. There was little to show through the telescopes except the Moon. Then clouds rolled in, adding insult to injury. I took Saturday off to be with the husband unit.

Sunset 8/12/11

Sunset 8/12/11
Moonrise 8/12/11

Almost full Moon, 8/12/11, taken through my telescope
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Here's a little tidbit on a possible UFO found in the Baltic Sea in early AugustA Swedish treasure hunter found a strange formation on the floor of the Baltic Sea, speculating it could be an underwater “Stonehenge,” while others say it could be a UFO. In fact, ocean exploration experts tell PM, the sonar image in question may not be trustworthy, and the explanation for the formation (if it's real) is probably rather ordinary.