Aug 26, 2011

Mbuwn, Relic by Douglas L. Preston and Lincoln Child

Today on Fantastic Friday Writers, we're writing about creatures. Yes, I love aliens. I also love giant, man-eating reptiles, Gamera, and large evil fish. Instead of any of those, I'm going to write about the Mbuwn from Relic, by Douglas L. Preston and Lincoln Child. This book has so much going for it. If you haven't read it, you should. It was creepy with archeology and history thrown into the mix. The creature, mbuwn, really scared me.

Named "Mbwun" (translation: "He Who Walks On All Fours"). Description, at best, is a "scaly primate." Characterized by an unusual smell and glowing red eyes. The DNA of this creature includes gecko genes. Is described as being "as fast as a greyhound with the intelligence of a human."

I'll leave the rest of the revelation about the creature to the book, because it will spoil the story if I go too far. I enjoyed the sequel as well. Definitely some fun reading.

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What creatures have you run across which have impressed you? Any favorite creatures?

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