Aug 22, 2011

My Favorite Star Treks

If you're here for the Spark blogfest, I'll be posting for that on Wednesday.

Narrowing this down to just five favorite episodes was really hard. For me, the original series was the best. It had the best characters and I liked how the solutions were always within my grasp, so I could play along trying to figure out how Kirk and pals were going to get out of trouble.

City on the Edge of Forever

After accidentally overdosing on a powerful stimulant, Dr. McCoy acts erratically and disappears through the Guardian of Forever, a newly-discovered time portal on a remote planet. Kirk and Spock follow after learning that McCoy somehow changed history. Arriving in the 1930s, the duo meet Edith Keeler, a New York social worker who gives them a place to stay. As the days pass, and McCoy is nowhere to be seen, Kirk finds himself falling in love with Keeler... but Spock discovers that Keeler must die to restore the timeline. Spock built a radio in this episode, which one of my cats found exceedingly interesting. It was then I began suspecting she has a crush on Mr. Spock. The pointed ears maybe?

Trouble With Tribbles

Tribbles--purring, limbless, and fertile--disrupt the exploitation of a disputed planet between the Klingons and Federation. I especially loved Mr. Scott's line: "They called the Enterprise a garbage scow."

Amok Time

Kirk violates Starfleet orders in order to take Mr. Spock home to Vulcan to be married, only to find himself thrust into a duel with his first officer for possession of the bride. The ending is so classic.

Plato's Stepchildren

This episode never fails to make me laugh. The crew of the Enterprise encounters an ageless and mischievous race of psychic humanoids who claim to have organized their society around Ancient Greek ideals. Well known for the kiss between Uhura and Kirk.

Journey to Babel

While transporting dignitaries to an important peace conference the Enterprise is pursued by a mysterious vessel and an assassin is discovered among the passengers. This is my ultimate favorite episode. It had several different things going on, which made it more complex than usual.

Honorable mentions:

Space Seed -- Where we meet Khan.

Enterprise Incident -- where Kirk & Spock dress up like Romulans.

For the Earth is Hollow and I have Touched the Sky -- First off, I just love the title of this episode. It's a Dr. McCoy centric episode.

Mirror, Mirror -- Just love evil Spock.

This Side of Paradise -- classic.

Arena -- Gorn vs. The Kirk

Spock's Brain -- Come on, it was hilarious that Spock's brain got stolen. One of my favorite moments in Star Trek is McCoy telling the Kirk that Spock's brain was stolen.

Thanks to Ellie Garratt, host of the Star Trek Blogfest, blogging at Ellie Garratt.

What are your favorite Star Treks? Your favorite character?