Aug 12, 2011


There's a marketing tactic that doesn't work all that well, continuously bombarding folks with a hard sell approach of what you're hawking. Folks get it from everywhere all day long, so it's not so difficult for them to tune you out. And they will.

Investing time and interacting with people works better, in other words selling you instead of your wares. And, there is a world beyond the internet. Get business cards printed with your web address and / or blog and / or email. I got a set without phone and address with my website, blog and email that I can hand out to whoever. I hand them out up at the observatory and around town. My husband passes them out, too.

I've only just begun promoting a product, so am no expert, other than just be visible as a reminder to folks that you're there. Lots of generous authors on the nets will volunteer to help you out. Be generous back. People like to help other generous people.

Most importantly, produce a great product. Reviews help, and the ones I've received from people who don't know me at all have been really rewarding. And those from people who do know me, too. They've said the nicest things. :D

It's about connecting with your fan base, a true connection. Those are the meat and potatoes of what you're doing. It takes time and effort, it's neither instant nor easy, like pushing a boulder up hill.

Thanks to all of you out there who have made the boulder a little lighter. You rock! I truly appreciate it.

How about you, any words of wisdom on promotion or marketing? Audience building?

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