May 14, 2012

The Advantages in Creating a Series and First Loves

Meet me today at Nick Daw's Writing Blog. I'm thrilled to be inside Nick's writing world. The topic is strategies for launching a series. Nick just released The Fesitval on Lyris Five. Congrats to Nick.

Friday I visited Misha Gericke's My First Book. I can tell you she writes a fabulous story, and is a great crit partner. I look forward to celebrating her future publications. She puts out a fabulous blog, too. The discussion was on character. It's something I had to work on, and I talk about what helped me.

Wednesday I'll be taking over Allan Douglas's The Write Stuff, talking about the space opera that inspired The Backworlds most.

Stop by and see us.

It's First Loves Blogfest day. Hosted by the indominable Ninja, Alex J. Cavanaugh. We're posting our first loves--movie, book, music, person.

Way back when, before time was invented ... I fell in love. :)

My grandmother used to take my sister, cousin, and I to the movies every year for our birthdays. Were all only a day a part. Now the Husband Unit joins that birthday lineup. He and I are only a day apart, too. Back to the topic at hand though ... The first film I recall sparking my full imagination was the Aristocats. I would colorform (do they still make those?) and color books dreaming up more stories for these cats. 

I was an avid reader from early on. Loved Dr. Seuss and all of those wonderful picture books. The first book that lit the writing spark, that made me want to try to create my own stories, was Anne of Green Gables. My other grandmother gave me a hardbound copy. Which I still have. One of my treasures. The photo is what the book I have looks like.

Don't cringe, Alex, but my first music love was Bobby Sherman. I used to beg my parents to let me stay up and watch his show. The grandmother who gave me Anne also gave me a Bobby album. It was second grade, for my 1st Communion. I still have that scratched up piece of vinyl somewhere. In a close second was David Cassidy.

The first person was a boy named Keven in my 1st grade class. We were separated by gender for lunch, but I did my damnedest every lineup for lunch to get as close to him as possible. Every year in grade school, I went out of my way to give him a mushy Valentine ... even if he wasn't in my class. Hmm, glad those stalker tendencies didn't continue. :)

Saturday night was a great night for astronomizing. Skies were clear, but hazy. It was warmer than usual. No snow remained on Pine Mountain, which is odd for mid May, and I didn't have to wear my thermals. Strange indeed. I managed to dig the telescope out of the garage. Orson Bradbury is now at his summer abode--the room under the 24" telescope. Both Orson and I were happy to be back out under a starry sky.

Come discuss marketing strategies over at Nick's. Divulge your first loves. Who and what were they?