May 24, 2012

Networking Beyond the Internet

Monday: Siana Wineland's jabbering about characterization. She's a very warm and supportive person, and a wonderful writer.

Tuesday: Toby Neal's. The topic is creativity.

Wednesday: Raine Thomas's Write as Raine Thomas with an excerpt from The Backworlds.

Thursday: Lynda Young's W.I.P It for a discussion on networking.

Friday: Julie Flander's What Else is Possible? for a little essay on my lack of wilderness skills.

More photos from the Cascades. Click on a photo to enlarge. First: Along the Rogue River after the gorge. Second: Mt. Thieson. Third: Sky-reaching trees.

Join me today at Lynda Young's W.I.P It for a discussion on networking beyond the internet. Platform happens outside cyberspace, too. Lynda was one of my earliest blogging buddies, and she just announced one of her short stories was accepted in an anthology Make Believe. I've been privileged to read several of her stories. She's an awesome writer. So I knew we'd be celebrating her publications. I'm sure there are many more to come. Congrats, Lynda. Here's the beautiful cover: