May 18, 2012

Search for Other Earths

Today I'm visiting Derek Flynn at Rant with Occasional Music. Topic: Kepler and the search for other worlds. Besides being a writer, Derek is also a talented musician with his first album recently released. Check out his latest music video.

Wednesday I was at Allan Douglas's blog, The Write Stuff, talking about one of my greatest inspirations for The Backworlds, and one of my all-time favorite space operas. I met Allan awhile ago, and he has been a great supporter and fan. Quite fantastic. And he'd also a great writer.

Monday I'll be over at Siana Wineland's writing on characterization. She's a very warm and supportive person, and a wonderful writer.

Stop by and see us.

Happy weekend all. I'm off to Southern Oregon this weekend for a Renaissance Festival. Research for my fall release, and some fun.

Ran into my buds, the Gangsta cows, last Saturday. It was good to see them.