May 9, 2012

New Humanity

 Today I' m at Rachel Morgan's. The topic is bioenginnering. I'm indebted to Rachel for teaching me the trick about using Powerpoint to create better titles on my book covers. I love how we all share here in the blogosphere.

Yesterday I visited Rick Gualtieri's blog, The Poptart Manifesto, discussing the colonization of space. Rick is a prolific author, and a good one. Pop by. :)

Friday I'll be at Misha Gericke's My First Book. I can tell you she writes a fabulous story, and is a great crit partner. I look forward to celebrating her future publications. She puts out a fabulous blog, too. 

Stop by and see us.

The lovely and talented Rek of Chronicle of Dreams made an awesome video for The Backworlds as a surprise. Awesome, Rek! I love it!.

And here's something for a little fun. The Space Opera title Generator.