Jun 15, 2010


So, I read on Sunday at the library. A poetry group in Bend sponsors the program Second Sundays in which they invite in a published author to read. Afterward an open mic is provided and that is when I read.

It is now expected I do. When I walked in it was said, "You're reading, Mary, aren't you." It was more an expectation or a demand than a question.

I take that very positively. They want to hear me read and want to cheer me on. They like my stories and welcome me into their group. More encouragement is very welcome. Acceptance into another group of writers is very welcome.

I read my poem DreamPlay, which is on my website: http://www.mpaxauthor.com/ Under the tab 'M. Pax Works' it is listed. As I am over my head in the rewrite / revision /edit of my first novel, I've not had time to write anything new.

Full focus and energy is on the novel until it is done. Met with a writer friend this morning who was kind enough to offer me advice and feedback and help. I've come to discover it takes a village of brainpower to write a novel. Although it is my style and my voice, my work, sweat and research, the novel would not be near as good without the input of my friends, family and colleagues.

Thank you all most heartily.