Jun 21, 2010

Forging Ahead

How was your weekend? Hope you enjoyed it. Enjoyed a date with my husband Friday night for our 16th anniversary. He got me the netbook as my anniversary present. Great gift as I can keep working on the go. Going I am this week. The netbook is pretty much all set up and ready to go. Need to add my documents and some pictures to it and then recharge it.

Saturday night at the observatory was a total bust. It was rainy, cloudy, foggy and cold. I ended up leaving before sunset. The fog made things wetter. The mirrors and eyepieces get waterspots if out in the wet. So, we weren't going to open the dome or get a smaller scope out. The mountain was completely socked in. We saw no hope for magic and there were only about 5 people visiting anyway. So even if magic did happen, they didn't really need me. I got to the bottom of the mountain and I could see Venus and the Moon. It happens a lot that way. At least, it did last summer.

Met with my critique group Saturday. We had a lot of housekeeping to take care of as our chair resigned. We changed the day and time of our meets to Monday nights and decided to take turns as leader. We reformatted things so meetings will be more constructive for all of us. Afterward, they helped me with my character GMC's again. Had some great brainstorming over character plot which led to revisions in the plot. It's no big deal, because I didn't write those parts yet where it comes in. It means very light revisions / redirection to the chapters I've done, but nothing major.

So, I'm excited and refreshed about finishing the novel up. I'm 60,000 words in. I have 40,000 or less left to go in which I have to bring it to a satisfying end. It worries me some as I have a lot to cover in those 40,000 words. But now I know exactly what I'm doing and feel good about it. If I need to cut, I'll figure that out later. The business end for getting the pitches ready is closer to done, too. I'm feeling good about that. Still worried as to how much is lef to go on finishing the novel though.

I have many hours to kill in airports and on planes over the next week, so that should be good for my productivity level. Thus, the gift of the netbook. I have to have access to wifi to be online. Most times I won't, so I will not be back online until end of next week. I will sneak work in where possible around visiting with family and friends. But will not attempt to sneak in my usual cyperspace activities.

Everyone have a great week. I leave you with a picture to caption or write a story for. Let that creativity flow.